Our semi-structured individual interview strategy is based on integrity and consistency to recognize all the traits needed for a given position. In many cases, corporate executives ask all the candidates the same questions during a job interview, follow a seamless interview structure, and make their decision more intuitively. In this way, undesirable side-effects such as the subjectivity of the assessor or the candidate’s prior preparation for the interview often occur, creating the illusion of fake suitability.

Our team of recruitment and business psychology experts pay each project individual attention and prepare interview structure based on key criteria:

  • the field of activity of the company and the sociocultural environment;
  • the novelty of the position, practical experience with that position and possible challenges;
  • the key functions of the employee and the professional competencies required to complete all tasks;
  • personal qualities and character traits relevant to the position.

During the individual interview, a semi-structured interview model is used, which purposefully seeks to identify the candidate’s professional and personal competencies. In addition to the functional questions, there are also general ones that are used to engage candidate in discussion and reveal more about his/her worldview, culture and values.

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