Organizational Culture Survey

The culture of an organization is a set of factors that determine its efficiency and progressiveness. By identifying corporate atmosphere, employee satisfaction, motivation, and other elements of the internal climate, HR manager can successfully enhance team productivity and avoid many of the undesirable phenomena – conflicts, employee disloyalty, loss of efficiency. The high methodological quality of the survey and the competence of our specialists in analyzing and standardizing results ensure its usefulness not only for organization, but also for individual departments or positions. We form the questionnaire according to the structure, activity and individual needs of each company, and then make recommendations and suggestions for fostering a positive organizational culture.

Organizational Culture Survey is useful when:

  • there is a need to evaluate the relationship between employees;
  • the aim is to improve inter-employee co-operation and relations within the group;
  • the aim is to identify problems that have arisen in different departments of the organization.
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