Employment of qualified workers

Employing foreign workers in Lithuania is an advanced way to get quality and inexpensive workforce. Our goal is to provide innovative solutions to your company by integrating qualified specialists from Ukraine, thus creating maximum added value and conditions effective for development. With a good knowledge of the foreign labor market, we offer professional recruitment services, counseling on immigration issues, assistance with documentation and co-operation during the whole process.

Recruitment process:

  • Selection of candidates. According to your requirements and expectations, we carry out professional search and selection process in Ukraine. Once we have selected the most suitable candidates, we send you their resumes with all the extra information and arrange remote interviews so that you can evaluate top candidates and pick the most suitable for the position.
  • Preparation of documents. Once the selected candidate is approved, we collect, translate and verify the qualification papers and documents that confirm previous work experience.
  • Work permit. We help selected candidates get a work permit based on a list of lacking occupations approved by the Employment Service.
  • Obtaining visa. After getting work permit, we coordinate the process of preparing a valid employment contract. Candidates take care of remaining documents (visa application, insurance, photos, etc.) and later on they are escorted to the Embassy or Visa centers.
  • Arrival. When National visa is obtained, we coordinate arrival date and organize accommodation.
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