Personnel Search and Selection

The investment to HR has a direct impact on the prosperity and growth of each organization. Selecting the right employee is one of the most important human resource management processes. It requires a great deal of labor market knowledge, business psychology skills and specialized tools. Depending on the needs, we offer two different types of search and selection.


Partial Search and Selection.

Partial Selection Method is a fast and efficient way to get the biggest possible flow of candidates at the lowest cost. We recommend choosing this type of selection when searching for a popular position, and the profile of a suitable candidate is not characterized by exceptional competencies, rare skills or more difficult identifiers.

Steps for Partial Search and Selection:

  • analysis of company’s activities, clarification of the nature and conditions of work;
  • discussion on employee requirements (education, professional experience, financial expectations, etc.);
  • setting up the advert and placing on job search websites, in case of need – also on social networks;
  • analysis of received CVs, evaluation of candidates;
  • on demand – telephone interviews with potential candidates;
  • provision of information about on-going process to the client.


Full Search and Selection.

In a dynamic and competitive market, attracting the right talent is a difficult task requiring high level of professional engagement and innovative recruitment techniques. A full search and selection ensures our personal attention to your organization. In this way, we delve deeper into your company’s activities and culture, developing a model of the most suitable qualities and competences of the specialist you are looking for.

Steps for Full Search and Selection:

  • detailed analysis of company’s field of activity, preparation of job description and employee profile;
  • application of different selection methods to maximize the flow of competent, motivated and result-oriented candidates;
  • presentation of 3 to 4 most suitable candidates, giving detailed information of each candidate, including personal info, financial expectations and recommendations;
  • discreet contribution connecting client with candidates;
  • feedback management, giving negative responses.

In order to ensure the high quality of our service, we provide our clients with warranty of 3 months (the probationary period).


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