External HR Manager

Usually in business it is a common practice for large companies to have a human resources manager responsible for all the HR activities, whereas in small and medium-sized companies these functions are covered by other administrative staff or the CEO. However, there is a more advanced solution in today’s business – an external HR manager. It‘s a service designed to comprehensively shape the HR policy of your company, to ensure the lowest turnover of employees and the highest level of motivation and job satisfaction.

In order to maximize the added value and develop sustainable business model, we focus on every process of your business as our own, but we stay objective and discreet in decision-making. We work both as part of your organization and as an external team so that we can achieve optimal results together.

The External HR Manager service includes the following activities:

  • development and implementation of HR strategy by shaping the long-term goals;
  • ensuring the number of employees required to reach the goals;
  • evaluation of the company’s performance;
  • assessment of the competencies and activities of the employees, presenting further plans and processes;
  • adjusting the company’s reward and motivational system;
  • identifying the need for training, preparaing most suitable and effective training programs;
  • creation and continuous improvement of job descriptions for every position;
  • administration of HR documents;
  • comprehensive and professional consulting on various personnel management issues.
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