Performia International personality test

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Performia International personality test

We are certified assignee of Exec-U-Test represented by Performia International. The Exec-U-Test personality assessment tool can be used for both selection and employee development purposes. This test measures 10 personal qualities that determine whether person’s personality traits are suitable for the position he/she is occupying or applying for. In many cases, initial job interviews or even the first months after hiring, do not reveal certain characteristics of the employee’s personality that may have a significant impact on his/her performance in the future. For this reason, we offer our partners an additional tool, the Exec-U-Test, which has been used successfully for many years.

This helps the organization:

  • focus on employee personal productivity (this tool allows you to select result-oriented candidates, evaluate employee productivity level and build a strong team by improving both individual employee efficiency and team performance);
  • develop the ability of managers to accurately assess different people and to ensure the success and prosperity of business (we train how to recruit the right people);
  • focus on the development of internal employees, ensuring competitive advantage and even higher team productivity;
  • increase job satisfaction and profitability (productive teams are not only more promising, but usually also much more pleasant to work with).

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