360º feedback Survey

The aim of the survey is to help each employee understand and evaluate their work and personal competences for professional development. The organization looks at the employee through the eyes of his/her managers, colleagues, subordinates and the employee himself/herself. Through our survey, we identify common areas for improvement within the organization, and at the same time individual strengths and weaknesses of each assessee. In this way, the company develops its open-door policy, a culture based on timely given feedback and the ability to see the bigger picture.

Survey helps our clients:

  • get more accurate, detailed assessment of the employee;
  • develop career plans for employees, form the appropriate motivation system;
  • identify opportunities and threats of organization and define the need for improvement;
  • encourage employees and their managers to talk openly about performance improvement plans and ways to develop personal skills.

For long-term results, it is recommended that the 360º feedback survey would be repeated periodically.

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Greta Navickė