Establishment of Motivation and Remuneration system

Establishment of Motivation and Remuneration system image

Establishment of Motivation and Remuneration system

Employee motivation complex is an incentive system that has strong influence on employee behavior towards organizational goals. An effective motivational system is based on certain regularities and rules; therefore, the process of system development must be driven by strong knowledge, focused on both fundamental principles of motivation and elements of business psychology. When creating/developing remuneration and motivation systems, we take into account the specific situation of the market, specifics of the organization itself and the expectations of the employees, so the system establishment consists of two main directions:

  • we develop and implement motivation systems, improve existing ones and oversee their proper functioning according to individual positions and business areas;
  • we identify the motivating factors of the company’s employees and apply them in the motivation system.

This lets the organization:

  • attract, motivate and retain the best talents;
  • enable managers to make a fairer assessment of each employee’s contribution to overall performance;
  • give employees clarity about their personal value to the company.

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